School Transport


Rules & Expectations

  •  Be ready at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, and come out of your home and get on the vehicle as soon as it arrives.
  • The bus will wait for the child a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • Get on and off the bus only at your own stop.
  • Sit only on assigned seat.
  • Never play with any items inside the bus. (Ex: emergency exit equipment etc)
  • No eating and drinking inside the bus.
  • Interact positively with peers; and use appropriate voice tone & language.
  • Any damage done inside the bus will be the parent’s responsibility and school will charge a fine for the same.
  • A child can join the bus any time during the year, but can cancel the bus only at the end of June, December or March. If anyone cancels the bus other than the said month, the school will charge the transportation fees for that term.


Discipline Policy

Any students who do not follow the rules will be subject to the following disciplinary procedure.

Verbal: The bus supervisor will inform the bus-in-charge about the issue and the child will be given verbal warning.

Written: If the same child repeats undesirable behavior, the bus supervisor will inform the School bus in charge and child will be given written warning letter and the parents will be informed over phone.

Disciplinary action: If the same child repeats once again, the bus supervisor will inform the School bus in charge. The in charge will call the parents to school and disciplinary action will be taken with the approval of the parents.