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Oasis International School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) New Delhi. MoE curriculum is followed for Arabic language, Islamic studies, Social studies and Moral Education.


Academic Levels

At the primary school level, the emphasis is on learning right values and acquiring skills. Children are provided with opportunities to understand the Importance of values and of making the right choices. They learn to communicate with others and develop self-confidence. In the initial stages, focus is on oral language development. Gradually other skills are integrated into the curriculum. Activity based teaching makes learning enjoyable. Children are taught drawing and craft to sharpen motor skills.

At secondary level, we prepare children to become independent learners focusing on their course of study and the personal goals that they want to achieve. The subjects of study include English, Math, Sciences, Social Science and Computer Education.

At senior secondary level we prepare students to get admission to the best universities in the world. Besides the academic focus, our senior secondary curriculum provides students with soft skills to equip them for employment. Currently the school provides Science, Commerce, and Humanities streams of study at this level, with English as a compulsory subject. Students receive lessons in Arabic, Moral Education and Islamic Studies (for Muslim students) to meet the requirements of the UAE Ministry of Education.