OASIS school was adjudged as a band "B" CBSE school during the recent ADEC inspection.

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About Us

About School

At Oasis International School, we welcome children of all nationalities. Oasis International School’s vision is to promote and inspire the development of young leaders and transform them into holistic individuals with virtues like integrity, fortitude, idealism, tolerance and unity to name a few. The school will strive hard to instill these human qualities in our students so that they become not only human but also humane.

Education is the investment you make for them. The success of your investment depends on the quality of education they receive. Keeping this in mind the school offers contemporary and futuristic education that will equip them with the requisite skills to lead a successful life, an education that prepares them for future challenges.

We believe in the dictum of substance over form, not form over substance. Education ought to make a student learn only to make a living but also teach him how to live. We believe in the strong relations between academic studies and co-curricular activities that are required in building a strong personality and perfect character of a student. The facilities provided to students are innovative and of a high standard.

Hence, we at Oasis International School constantly endeavor to foster the all-round development of the child with the guidance of our highly devoted teaching fraternity who consistently strive and are dedicated towards the development and bringing out the best in each individual student on a broader spectrum.

The school has a well-stocked library and well–equipped laboratories and internet facilities. We promise to deliver quality education with an emphasis on a deep- rooted value system. The school aims at nurturing the children’s intellect and supporting their emotional, moral and spiritual well-being. Oasis International School has just started its journey. We assure you the commitment of the directors, principal, faculty and the staff will be stead-fast and the results exemplary.

Oasis International School follows the CBSE (Indian) curriculum along with Arabic and Islamic studies with the latest modern facilities and innovative teaching methods. Oasis International School is located in Alain, in the most pleasant ambience of the green city of the UAE, which provides a congenial environment and makes learning a delightful experience.

In a nutshell, education at Oasis International School is